Select Non-Fiction

Flurt! Magazine (Online):  Articles (December 2014-Present) —Canada/USA

The Gauntlet: Bullied (2013-Artcle) —Canada
The InkSwell Collective Zine: Tiger Heart, Run Harder to Write Better (Column-2014) —Canada
Calgary Senior News: The Sickening Sea (Article 2015) —Canada
Grip Magazine: Driven to Distraction, Overachiever’s Club, Lofty Ideas, Kite Runner Review, This Is Kaetlyn Osmond (Articles-2014) —Canada
Calgary Senior News: The Sickening Sea (Article 2015) —Canada
Calgary Senior News: Keeping it Green, Not Out of the Water (Article)—Canada
Edmonton Senior News: Elderly, Male, Anorexic (Article)
Edmonton Women’s Magazine: 2 Articles (Spring 2015) —Canada
Grip Magazine: (Articles Summer 2015)—Canada
Gender-Focus: 10 Unsung, Real-World Women to Look Up To

Select Poetry

The Dingbat Poets Channel by Sheri D Wilson: Coffee Stains (Video Poem, 2011) —Calgary
The Gauntlet: Snapshots of 17 (Poem-2013) —Calgary
WAX Poetry and Art Magazine: Boa Constrictor (1st Place in Contest 2013) —Calgary
People’s Poetry Festival Cowtown Poetry Anthology: Shamrock (2011) – Calgary
NoD Magazine:“Teşekkürler” and “{iii}” (2014) —Calgary,
The Snapping Twig: Skin, Cresol, Fifteen (December 2014)— Los Angeles
The Birds We Piled Loosely: Constant, Spring, Mariam (January 2015)—USA
Fry Your Friends: Have You Noticed Yet? (February 2015)—London, UK
Clockwise Cat: Femmewise Cat: Dissolving, Some of Us (January 2015) —Atlanta
The Boiler Review: Charlotte, Cling (March 2015)—New York
After the Pause: Still the Girl he Married, Skin Signs (Spring 2015)—Indianapolis
Eleventh Transmission: Wrists, Fibre Glass (August 2015)—Calgary
The Murmur House: Lion (2015) —Indonesia
The Ignatian Literary Magazine: Poor Sister Nazarene (2015)—San Francisco
(Parenthetical): Panic (2015)— Toronto
Weekly Poem: Leaving (2015) —Calgary
s/tick: Drop, Rebecca, Dead Birth (2015)—Canada/US
NoD Magazine: Clatter, Vermeer’s Light (2015)—Calgary
Sharkpack Poetry Review: Sirenomelia (2015)—Massachusetts
Existere: Dear Julia (Forthcoming Poem 2015)—Toronto
Human Parts: This Shining Fever (2015)
Best of After the Pause (2016): Skin Signs
Qwerty Magazine: Panic (2016) New Brunswick
Petal Journal: Tricks, The Falling Sickness (2016)
Dual Coast Magazine (3 poems) 2016
Long Lunch Quick Reads: The Night Will be Long But Beautiful (Chapbook) August 2016

As the editor of the Calgaryville Inquirer for Terrapin Theatre

As Editor:

Objects: Chapbook (Fiction 366 Class with Aritha van Herk) 2015
Bridges, And: Chapbook (Poetry 494 Class with Christian Bok) 2015
Honey Pot Literary Miscellany: Editor-in-Chief
NoD Magazine: Managing Editor 2015-2016

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