Calgary Young Women’s Writing Group


Getting ready to lead the Calgary Young Women's Writing Group 2014

Getting ready to lead the Calgary Young Women’s Writing Group 2014

A monthly writing group for young women between 13 and 20. The focus will be to continuously write, inspire, and cultivate a community of young women that will support and encourages each other. We will focus on writing about women’s issues that affect us, enriching the writing we are passionate about, developing our voices, and editing for publication. Each meeting will involve critiquing, learning different styles, appreciating the writers that came before us, and doing writing exercises, as well as addressing real world issues, that are personal, professional, and universal.

Meetings will be held at various locations.

Join us:

2 thoughts on “Calgary Young Women’s Writing Group

  1. Barbara Bamberger Scott says:

    I am writing to let you know about A Woman’s Write (, a yearly competition for women’s unpublished novels, offering an annual $500 prize. We’ve been active on the web for 10 years and many of our entrants have gone on to full successful publication. Each entry receives a thorough and thoughtful critique. Entries come from all over the world (recent winners hail from Spain and Ireland), with the majority being American or Canadian. Any women 18 or older writing in English is eligible to enter — full details are on the website. We believe we are doing women writers (like ourselves) a real service by offering advice and helping to launch new books.
    Barbara Bamberger Scott


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