Three Poems in Half a Grapefruit Magazine

Three of my poems, "Flickers," "The Man in the Bowler Hat by the Pond Out Back," and "Missing Persons Report" have been published in Half a Grapefruit Magazine (University of Toronto). Two of the poems are here for you to read, and the third is available to read over at Half a Grapefruit!

“To Fill up the Deep Wells of the Absurd:” Preserving F.T. Marinetti’s Distruzione

In “Thing Theory,” Bill Brown quotes Leo Stein: “Things are what we encounter, ideas are what we project.” (3) Few objects exemplify this statement as much as the first edition, signed copy of Fillipo Thomosa Marinetti’s Distruzione (figure 1) that is part of the University of Calgary’s Bob Gibson Collection of Speculative Fiction. I encountered…