It’s been a long time since I posted anything, writing, life OR grad school-related! That’s probably because writing, life, and grad school take up a hell of a lot of time.

Here’s what I’ve been up to:

  • Binge-watching Six Feet Under
  • Obsessing over Riverdale
  • Desperately trying to finish a novel
  • Working at AAFS and the library and teaching (sleep, I miss you)
  • Mostly just eating cheese and drinking wine in the bath

In all serious though, here are some upcoming events/ projects I’m a part of:

  • February 20th: I will be the host and featured poet at the Single Onion Poetry Series
  • March 5th: I’ll be speaking at the Tent Peg Reading Series at Loft 112
  • March 10-12th: I will be presenting my work “As Blank as a Burnt Book: Writing Hungry” at the U of C’s Free Exchange conference
  • My work will be coming out soon in Contemporary Verse 2 and Untethered.
  • I am currently participating in the PRINT(ed) WORD project, a Canada council funded collaboration between Lofton8th press and Alberta Printmakers. Sometime in June, you will be able to see my chapbook, “The Night Will be Long But Beautiful” transformed into an incredible piece of art.
  • My chapbook is also featured in the Long Lunch Quick Reads 2016 Anthology, available to read at every branch of the Calgary Public Library!
  • The Youth Committee at the Writer’s Guild of Alberta (on which I sit) is holding an “Ask an Expert Panel” March 18th- it’s online and a really great resource for new writers!
  • The MagAAFSzine’s 2nd issue will be out at the beginning of March! I help with this awesome specialized program, helping our members to develop creative, non-fiction, and fiction projects! Check out the first issue here.

That’s it for now, I hope that I can make some time for blogging soon, but survival mode has kicked in and we’ll have to wait and see!




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