Spells to Help You Get Out of Bed

spells to help you get out of bed.png

On a waning moon
Leave a red candle on your bedside table
and light it upon waking
to encourage strength
Drip the crimson wax slow over your wrists
like you are drizzling lemon curd over a cake.
Sip oolong tea in the dimness
of your kitchen
pick up a book about death
and read a few pages before opening Facebook
— at least in literature death brings eloquence
Find a smooth piece of amethyst
and when you’re getting dressed and
place it in your bra on the left side near your heart
Stir your porridge clockwise
and add some extra honey
Remember that you do not have
to subscribe to this life of impoverished thought
and insomnia
that your tuition fees tell you
that you must live
In a large iron pot, boil
cinnamon to pull you out of your night terrors
nutmeg to help you get clean in the shower
allspice to sew up your torn bladder
ginger to cut the strings tying you to the moon
basil to ward off the flies
and soak strips of black cloth in the mixture
leave them to dry in the sun
then tie them in your hair
When you ride your pink bike to the grocery store
Wear your blue dress;
the one with the bee pattern
remember that your favourite lemon yogurt
might not be on sale
but it comes in cute little glass cups
the magic is often in the binding
rather than in the book
the grad school spell book

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