My halloween costume in “Action” was Fiona Goode from AHS Coven, which is probably my favourite season if TV from the last 5 years.

Best part of this costume? I didn’t have to buy ANYTHING. No lie, this is ACTUALLY how I dress about 40% of the time (pretty sure I have accidentally started my own coven). The outfit was EXTRA compatible with the 2 black cats at my friend’s house, where the party was held.

While my hat was left in Turney Valley, and my tights only lasted until 11pm, my makeup and outfit stayed on point through a midnight nerf gun war, a Rocky Horror Dance Party, and a late night walk to Karaoke.

The dress was about 30.00 from Winners (my happy place), the hat was 20.00 from Bluenotes, and the chocker is a shoelace with a charm from Bohemia tied on.

Lipstick was NYX Stone Fox and everything else was from The Balm.

Altogether, this took about 30 minutes and if I HAD bought everything, it would have cost about 60.00.

I had two backup costumes “just in case” as well: A Vulva and a horse.

I am ALL about emergency costumes. It’s always helpful to have a tickle trunk, or at least some great pieces in your closet or basement for emergencies. I made the vulva out of dollar store material for under 30.00 and bought the horse mask on sale at Winners for 6.00. YASSSSSS.


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