My name is Erin Vance and I am a clothing addict. I am also a sleep addict. The combination of these two addictions means that I often have to choose between extra sleep and an extra cute outfit. Sleep usually won when I could shlep to a lecture of 200 people in my PJs, or rarely had to leave my dorm room. Now that I’m a grad student and I’m rarely surrounded by more than 10 people, I feel the need to look much nicer, or at least mask the fact that I stayed up to 1am crying over Supernatural.

I’ve devised a simple formula for looking put-together on short notice:

Makeup: Matte lipstick, bb cream, mascara, brows, and blush. A full face in less than 5 minutes. I have an arsenal of matte lipsticks to match every occasion and their staying power is amazing for 12 hour days on campus.

Ankle boots: Ankle boots are the ultimate in casual-meets-professional. They dress up any jeans, leggings, or sweater, and dress down any dress, effectively making ANY outfit good in ANY situation.

Statement necklaces: It’s amazing how a statement necklace makes any outfit seem like it is itself a statement- instantly look more put together.

Flowy fabrics: I have a shlep of flow tank tops, dressed, baggy sweaters, and vests. Paired with leggings or tight jeans they offer a sophisticated and comfy look.

Emergency blazer: Always have a plain black emergency blazer in your office. Trust me.

Some outfit ideas I put together on polyvore are below, and you can see some real-life OOTDs and FOTDs following that. Fashion isn’t hard, but finding your own style is. What’s harder is finding a style that can take you from teaching to the gym to working to being in class to the bar to crying at McDonalds. I like to call my style Courtney Love-Meets-Zooey Deschanel-Meets 1600s Farm Woman-Meets Wannabee Business Woman.

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