• Recombination (1): Write a poem and cut it somewhere in the middle, then recombine with the beginning part following the ending part.the bernstein experiments revisited

sleeping, i see the light spectrum

in the older office

because recovery is restricted to

conversations about

mental development

there are still empty dinner plates

initiating cognitive impairments

eye contact in friendships narrows skills

memorize this flapping

called common someone

in this room room genius spoken

Specifically communication

Misconception conversations

find common Specific rocking

called behaviour Repetitive abilities


or others concrete

uneven as flicking when change

talking scattered

and a

vast little motor display

catch a limited

light spectrum sleeping pattern

tiny paper star development

diagnosis indifferent different

lego blocks stuck in callous skin




imagined as

a download rate

so many brochures so many paper cuts

brain symptoms

imagine immediate opportunity

because imagination is a symptom

soft hand me down only

my brother is a flying robot ant

child -loses-demonstrates-

promises-console unhappy parents

bang on secondhand guitar with crumpled fist

red red red balloons

respond to chronic diet restriction


you are poisoning your son

wheels on the bus and giggles

from the belly

distended distended distended

starvation doesn’t quell


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