Today is my 21st birthday.

21 years ago today, my incredible mother gave birth to me, so I think today is maybe even more her day than it is mine.

As much as I love to celebrate me, I think this is a day to celebrate my beautiful family, for getting me this far!

I’ve accomplished a lot in the last 20 years, but I’d be nowhere without the support of my family.

Birthday gifts this year came with an extra layer of special. My dad built me a bookshelf. My grandma knit me socks and picked me out a forever-bracelet. My mom took me shopping, and my dad and her bought me a swarovski crystal owl; my granddad bought my mom a set of swarovski penguins just before he died, and I’ve been waiting to be “grown up” enough for my own ever since. My little brother spoiled me like crazy, taking me to Bluerock gallery to pick out my own present, and then taking me for lunch and surprising me with a looping pedal. To top it off I got to spend some time with Amar and my whole family.

It has been an incredible year. VERY busy, but amazing. I started submitting and pitching my writing.. and it worked! My list of publications has grown immensely. I took on a ton of work and volunteering and grew SO MUCH. I made more friends this year than ever before and love every single one of them. I met academic success and presented at QUEUC. I travelled a bit, and came to appreciate my family more than ever.

Coming to the beginning of my 21st year, I am feeling rather overwhelmed and burnt out, so the next few months I will be scaling back on my commitments and learning to relax.

Thank you all for being a part of my life!

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