German Lessons: Homophonic Poetry Translation (Bernstein #3)

the charles bernstein experiments“3. Homophonic translation: Take a poem in a foreign language that you can pronounce but not necessarily understand and translate the sound of the poem into English (e.g., French “blanc” to blank or “toute” to toot). Some examples: Louis and Celia Zukofsky’s Catullus., David Melnick’s Homer at Eclipse: Men in AidaRon Silliman on homophonic translation (his own, Melnick’s, and Chris Tysh’s), and some examples by Charles Bernstein — from Basquefrom Portuguese  and “Johnny Cake Hollow” suite. — Rewrite to suit?” Source.

Original Text:

Johann Gottfried Herder:

Der Mond

Und gr�mt dich, Edler, noch ein Wort
Der kleinen Neidgesellen?
Der hohe Mond, er leuchtet dort,
Und l��t die Hunde bellen
Und schweigt und wandelt ruhig fort,
Was Nacht ist, aufzuhellen. 

My Translation:

Screen Shot 2015-01-24 at 7.41.11 PM

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