Edie Sedgwick: What I’d Ask the Girl on Fire at Brunch

i want to have brunch with you

Hey, girlfriend. Did you see factory girl? I didn’t think she could pull it off, but Sienna Miller was spot on. What’s it like having movies made about you? I read your biography- what did you think? I think you could’ve written it a bit better.

Another round of mimosas? Of course! Okay, so how do you feel being called a factory girl? Like, I get the connotations of Andy’s factory, but the name itself is a bit reminiscent of Victorian poor houses.

Real talk. Where’d the name “Minturn” come from? Were you really in love with Michael?  I love the term “youthquaker”- how do you feel about it?

Now that I’m not a rebellious 17 year old, I don’t really care about your drug abuse or your alcoholism, we’ve all read about it. What books did you like? What was it like having cropped hair when Brigitte Bardot was all the rage? Where did you find such fantastic chandelier earrings?

Do you feel like an object? What do you WANT to be remembered for? What makes you happiest? Did you ever really love anyone the way you wanted to?

What’s your favourite song? Why do we romanticize your drug use and relationship with Andy when we know that even you spoke out against him- and the factory?

You’re beautiful, we know that. But why is that all we care about? What do you want to leave behind, aside from photos from the factory?

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