2015 goals

I thought I would put these in print before I lose all accountability.

I want to spend this year creating more than I ever have before, I want 2015 to be a year of CONTENT!

1) Blog about 3x per week (you’ll see more of the Ladies I’d Like to Brunch With, Worsification Wednesday, Beauty Blog Before The Weekend, and Foodie Friday, as well as Rejected Articles and opinion pieces/ reviews!)

2) Vlog 2x a week (Yes, I am going to start using my youtube channel TOMORROW, so stay tuned for my intro and TBR for January!) Stay tuned for a serialized reading and analysis of the infamous Victorian Erotic Serial Magazine “The Pearl” along with lots of book reviews, writing-related videos, and insights into what I’m studying! There will likely be some pretty cool videos about archiving this semester, hint hint! OH, and I’m going to write and record a spoken word piece once a month.

3) Submit to publishers 2x per week. Dramatically read rejection letters to myself. While updating my colour coded spreadsheet of rejection and crying softly.

4) Pitch to magazines and websites 1x per week. Write articles for money. Make money writing.

5) WRITE POETRY AND/OR FICTION EVERY DAY and become the Taylor Swift of modern Canadian Literature.

6) Read all of the assigned readings for school. And more. READ READ READ READ.

7) Write a draft of a novel. This is a goal every year but this year I want to MAKE IT HAPPEN. MAKE IT RAIN SHREDDED FIRST DRAFTS.

8) Up my academic writing game and boost my GPA so that I can apply for honours and maybe succeed at going to grad school one day.

There you have it, folks. My goals. This is my public acknowledgement that I usually fail. So this year, you all get the privilege of failing WITH me!


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