year in

It’s been a busy and incredible year.

Some highlights:

A successful scrawl-a-thon in support of young writers
An entire month of dresses in support of the United Way
A fantastic house concert in support of AAFS
A busy booksale to support Students for Literacy
Eight months of tutoring with Students for Literacy
A successful run of the Calgary Young Women’s Writing Group
Courses in THREE different languages
Successful and not-so-successful house hunting
11 months with the Autism Aspergers Friendship Society of Calgary
My very first World Autism Awareness Day
Our first couples’ getaway to Fernie
I learned the arts of cross-stitch, embroidery, and knitting
Met some of my best friends at the Student Calling Program (MANAL! AISHA! MARIA!)
Said goodbye to the SCP (*sobs*) but hello to a fab music video based off of my blog post!
Three chapbooks
An incredible 20th birthday with amazing friends
Our third (THIRD- WHAT?!) anniversary
An entire summer of parkour, hiking, camping, swimming, parks, video games and movies (Love AAFS)
The incredible chance to promote literacy and run Dr Seuss in the Park with the lovely Gayathri all summer!
A stolen laptop
I taught belly dance and body positivity to young, at-risk girls
Eleven months of respite and aide work with the cutest little munchkin on the planet
Adventures with Mimi and Nomi
Adventures with Amar (although everyday is a wonderful adventure with you)
Fifty tiny terrariums made
Some literary jewellery made and much more sold
My first run at being a bridesmaid (and Aunty Erin)
Watching my little brother graduate high school, turn eighteen, produce an album, and win competitions for his music
Got matching sibling memorial tattoos for Jeff
Two weekends of folding around and flower crowns with my zany family
Dozens of runs (and my first competition)
Six weeks of testing my body on the climbing wall
Hundreds of pages of poetry written
Dozens of books read
A fabulous tutoring job
A visit to my uncle’s climbing wall
Over a dozen concerts and festivals
Nine academic papers written
FIFTEEN articles published
Five local plays witnessed
Six literary events attended
Three incredible roommates found (Robyn, Jill, Ash!)
An article written about little old me!
I had a scholarship created for me
I won three other scholarships
A surprisingly successful documentary
and NINETEEN poems, published or forthcoming!

Even though I said goodbye to my incredible kitty, it’s been an incredible year, thanks to everyone who’s made it such a success.

In 2015 look for a reinsurance of the YYC Young Women’s Writing Group, a Creative Writing program at AAFS, many more articles, poems, and stories!

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