March 9th: Calgary Young Women’s Writing Group Meeting
(Tentatively at LOFT 112) From 3pm-5pm on the 9th, my writing group will meet to assign member cards, sign contracts, discuss our plans for the future anthology, do some exercises, and… START A VIDEO DIARY (inspired by The Lizzie Bennet Diaries! Of Course! Ours will be a modern adaptation more like Little Women, however!
~RSVP here

March 13th: W.O. Mitchell Centenary Celebration Writing Contest
It’s the hundred-year anniversary of WO Mitchell’s birth, and the UofC is celebrating with a day of readings and such! Unfortunately I have a midterm that day, so I won’t be able to attend much, but I AM officially signed up for the WO Mitchell Writing Contest!
Basically, at 12:30pm on March 13th, I get a typewriter, an hour, and some space in TFDL to write a response worthy of a prize! Wish me luck!
~More information here

March 15th: First Annual Scrawl-A-Thon Fundraiser for Wordsworth
On Saturday, March 15th, I’m sitting down with a bunch of amazing and accomplished writers at LOFT 112 to participate in the 1st annual Scrawl-a-Thon to raise funds for WordsWorth, a writing camp for kids and teens in Bragg Creek. This camp helped me grow immensely as a writer, academic, and person, and fostered many important relationships. I believe every kid should have the same opportunity.
~You can find my bio here .
~You can read more about the event here or contact me/ leave a comment for more info about Scrawl-A-Thon and WordsWorth.
~I’ve almost reached my goal of $200, but I would LOVE to raise even more than that! If you’d like to contribute to my campaign, you can donate through me or here
~For each pledge I get, I will personally write something for you! You can request something at the time of your donation, if you’d like!
~To find out more about WordsWorth, click here.
~To register someone between the ages of 11 and 19 for WordsWorth, click here

~If your son/daughter/younger sibling/ friend is unsure about WordsWorth, have them contact me directly!

March 16th: WGA Teen Writer’s Group Meeting
I was invited by the lovely Lisa Murphy Lamb to help with workshop critiques at the WGA Teen Writer’s Group! I’m very excited (and honoured) to have been invited to such a great group as a mentor! It’s going to be fantastic (and at Loft 112).

It’s going to be a fantastic birthday month! (I’m almost 20!)

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