A company called “Franks” is taking the instagram sphere by storm. They sell a bag of coffee grounds and essential oils for 14.95. (You have to add the honey by yourself) TOTAL RIP OFF. You can make an EVEN BETTER scrub at home for a lot less. 

Franks claims to completely get rid of cellulite and stretch marks, but that’s a pretty long shot. However, the scrub I’ve designed will help get rid of cellulite (don’t forget to exercise and drink lots of water too!), will help with any redness, expose the hair follicle for effortless shaving, moisturize and soften LIKE CRAZY, and make a total mess in your shower.

You might want to replace the orange oil with vanilla or cocoa powder, because they go better with coffee and will make you smell DELICIOUS, but orange is a popular scrub oil scent. 

Don’t do this if you only have ten minutes to shower before work, because once you feel it on your skin you’ll want to spend HOURS in the shower. 

RINSE LIKE CRAZY. Coffee grounds get EVERYWHERE, and trust me, you do not want anyone to ask you why your ‘downstairs’ is suddenly producing freshly ground coffee. Also, turmeric is an amazing and beneficial ingredient, but wash thoroughly or it might stain.

This will keep for about a week, so make a batch and store it in a jar by the tub. Use it whenever you need to shave your legs or underarms, and once a week or so do your whole body. It is amazing for your face too, just make sure to be a bit more gentle, and follow up with oil cleanser, toner, and aloe gel. 

So GET NAKED, GET DIRTY, RUB COFFEE ALL OVER YOUR BODY, and notice an instant difference!


DIY Body Scrub to Invigorate Skin, Moisturize, Expose Hair Follicles, and Prevent Cellulite 

1/2c coffee grounds

1/4c brown sugar

2tbs course salt

2tbs sunflower oil

2tsp lemon juice

1tsp lemon zest

1tsp honey

1tsp cinnamon

1/2tsp turmeric

1tsp peppermint oil

1tbs coconut oil

1tsp orange oil (for scent)

~Combine in jar and store by the tub

~Smooth over entire body (before getting super wet) and scrub into skin in circular motions for 5 minutes. Let dry on skin and rinse off.

~Caffeine stimulates cell growth to prevent cellulite

~Oils help to moisturize skin

~Safe to use on your face 

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