I was perusing the thrift store for some new books the other day, when I stumbled across this book from the 30s called “The Power to Love: A Doctor’s Guide to the Ideal Marriage Relationship.” It is HORRIBLY fascinating. The entire first chapter is about men’s inability to control sexual urges and how its okay. Not surprising that I found it at the ‘Bibles for Missions’ thrift store in Okotoks, which I’m not a huge fan of supporting, but I’ve found some really great books there, so hey). Anyway, flipping through this misogynistic and misguided tome, I was inspired to create something. This is the first erasure poem taken from Edwin W. Hirsch’s, “The Power to Love;”


Common disabilities, 

the careful study of unusual

and rare


Engage; ordinary disorders.



A great deal of study

-functional derangements




A hunger

only second to food.

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