Ghazal I

An inbred voice

Eclipsing waterfall
-a sound

Stillness; a cartoon cataclysm

Strategic sounds of movement
Yellow buzz from above

Sacred; a brass hand-mirror
Chipped fingernails, jagged and

One-day, a ring
Clenched hands, feet jutting with bones

Salamander basks in late-afternoon sun
-waiting for the bus, alone

Wizened, cracked, caved-in
Their playhouse is forgotten

Her hair matted with sand
Thighs taught over the horse’s back- side-saddle

The angles of your forked tongue
Washed in blues

Acid-eyes and broken glasses
Dryer lint in your pocket

Stargazers, in the bed of a pickup truck
Abrupt movement, paws shot in air

a flurry of sight

15 July 2013

A ghazal is a poetry form that I learned today from an amazing teacher by the name of Sandy Pool. It is traditionally a persian poetry form with lots of rules, but the adaptation I used above is simply couplets with completely irrelevant topics strung together with a consistent mood.

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