The school year of 2012-2013 is coming to a close. My move-out date is in less than a week, and I’m nearly done exams. A few months ago I just wanted this year to be over, and now I tear up over the thought of leaving. I’d be content to start another semester in three weeks’ time, if only so that I have more time to appreciate just how amazing first year university can be.
1. You are SO unprepared for this.
2. Growing up is accepting that Times New Roman is the only acceptable font to use.
3. Sometimes tiny turtles give you salmonella.
4. You WILL develop an unhealthy amount of school pride.
5. Nothing, NOTHING tastes better than cheesy bread at 3am after a few hours dancing at The Den.
6. You will become disillusioned with many of the people you once looked up to, and many of the movements you once idealized. You are growing, and changing, and it’s COMPLETELY understandable that Kurt Cobain and John Lennon don’t quite mesh with your evolving self.
7. The random group of people you were assigned to live with will eventually become some of the people you can’t live without.
8. You will do at least one oral presentation with a wicked hangover. Maybe two. And you’ll get As on both.
9. When you’re writing six essays a month, don’t beat yourself up for not doing any writing in your spare time. Being a writer is part of who you are, and it won’t disappear just because your priorities are different at the moment.
10. There comes a point in the semester in which you can’t make up for the slacking off you’ve done. You will learn from this. Hopefully.
11. Everyone you know is in a long-term relationship with Netflix.
12. You will never be able to give up drinking coffee.
13. Nothing brings a group of students together like an absolutely incompetent French professor.
14. If you never actually read Othello, being in Venice isn’t actually going to make writing a paper on it any easier. You WILL get your first C, and you will cry.
15. Sometimes you’ll be overjoyed with a D, other’s you’ll cry for three days over a B+.
16. Single beds aren’t meant for two people, but that doesn’t mean you won’t try countless times to make it work.
17. If you really love someone, you’ll let them study in peace.
19. If you don’t put in the effort, you WILL fail. You can’t bullshit everything. Well, you can bullshit a lot of things.
20. It’s okay to not be okay. And it’s okay to ask for help.
21. Your real friends will screenshot embarrassing conversations and tweet them.
22. YOU ARE NINETEEN YEARS OLD. Your entire life is ahead of you. Have fun, make mistakes, fall in love, stay up late, be passionate about things, and don’t forget that you don’t know anything.
23. Be happy for your friends whose lives are at different stages. Be supportive of their marriages and pregnancies and degrees. But don’t compare yourself to that, don’t judge, and don’t forget that nobody’s situation or relationship is even close to being the same.
24. If you leave your windows open at night, people WILL try to pee in them.
25. You are a broke ass student. Don’t forget that. Don’t act like you have a rich husband paying for your 200$ jeans. Because you don’t. And now you owe your parents a lot of money. (But those jeans still look really hot.)
26. Don’t spend too much time looking at the computer screens of the people in front of you. They might be googling devil worship. But more likely just online shopping.
27. Temporary tattoos don’t always come off. And what you thought was a cute little flower is actually a t-rex.
28. You’re probably going to need to issue more than one public apology for drunken snapchats and/or text messages.
29. “I miss Humphrey, and Sinclair. I miss the days when teachers cared.” No truer words were ever spoken. In rhyme nonetheless.
30. Watching sports is actually really fun with the right people.
31. Dancing on tables covered with maple syrup after an early morning food fight will be one of the greatest moments of your life.
32. If they’re really your friends, the bonds you’ve had for the last seven years aren’t going to disappear after high school.
33. Seeing Paul McCartney is a totally legitimate reason to ditch class. So is going on an impromptu euro trip.
34. You’re not going to care how stupid you look in those photos from BSD, you’ll instagram them anyway because it was just that much fun.
35. It’s okay to be completely overwhelmed at times. Or all of the time.
36. Self-love is the best love.
37. University and college are vastly different. Neither one is better than the other, however.
38. How will you know that you’re in the right program? When a kidney infection can’t keep you from your favorite English class.
39. A year and a half goes by SO fast when you’re with the right person.
40. You’re going to learn to love country music, and rap music, and dancing, and mechanical bull-riding, and rye, and Duck Dynasty.
41. When you pull up to the karaoke bar, and there are bars on the windows, and the menu’s in Korean, you will have one of the best nights of your life.
42. I’m different, yeah, I’m different.
43. 5 litre beers aren’t the best idea in the world.
44. Your girlfriends are so much more important that you ever thought. You need them more than you know.
45. Two people from COMPLETELY different backgrounds, religions, experiences, friends, and family can have everything in common. And those two people will be inseparable and ALWAYS there for each other, and one day they’ll find a way to incorporate each other’s different cultures into their weddings. (Looking at you, Maham)
46. Friends can be soul mates too.
47. You never know how drunk you are until you get up to go pee.
49. Your little brother is growing up and that really sucks.
50. It only takes two weeks in the Mediterranean to irreversibly catch the travel bug.

3 thoughts on “50 Things First Year University Taught Me

  1. 29. “I miss Humphrey, and Sinclair. I miss the days when teachers cared.” No truer words were ever spoken. In rhyme nonetheless.

    I don’t think this sentiment will ever change.


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