what might’ve been lost.

It can be so hard, not rushing forwards into relationships and love and Eros and all of these notions of commitment and intimacy. Part of me wishes I could commit to the whole world, but I’m just so in love with so much, and so many. And I think part of me holds art and poetry above everything else, and it’s hard for me to translate elation to the page, or to the canvas, so this sort of limbo that I’m in is often exactly where I want to be, even though at times I’m so lonely and miserable that I can barely function.

So with this quasi-epiphany I’ve decided to embrace my overwhelming love, and the coinciding heartache. I vow to live in the moment with whoever wishes to live in the moment with me. I’m young and crazy and confused and wandering, and that’s exactly how I’m supposed to be.

2 thoughts on “what might’ve been lost.

  1. Ryan Paine says:

    Making the decision to live this way is one of the hardest things to do, but I hope it’s also the most satisfying in the long run. Embracing the multi-farious nature of love can mean spreading yourself thin between people, life and art, but hopefully the web it spins catches more in more deligthful ways than if we took the path most travelled and loved in the orthodox ways handed down to us.

    Be strong – live your life as yours and no one else’s – and you will triumph in the end, even if you never come to know that. And remember that lonliness only makes the time you spend in good company all the richer.

    Also, if you live this way it will come out on the page whether you like it or know it or not. Live it first and the words will come.


    • Erin Vance says:

      “remember that lonliness only makes the time you spend in good company all the richer.” i really needed to hear that, thank you.


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