Letting Go In All of the Right Ways.

Letting it be. Letting it flow. Letting life take me wherever.

My heart; intact. My writing; improving. I’ll be okay. Looking in the mirror isnt painful anymore.

Love? Its everywhere. Its everything. Its nothing. Its you. Its me. But, fuck it, its just love.

It hurts, its hard, it involves taking risks, and sometimes it drives me insane. But love is moving forward. With or without whomever you desire.

I wrote a poem, one of my best. Working with it yesterday showed me that poetry isnt always what it seems. I wrote it about a boy, and in the end it turned out to be more about my expectations for myself, my quasi-addictions, and my abhorrence to both intimacy and my lack of self-confidence. I mean, of course it was all in relation to said boy, but the spiteful tone of the piece was not aimed at him.

Its been a roller-coaster the last few days, and it hasnt just been me. i think its been pretty rocky for a lot of people.

Just trying to keep calm and carry on.


One thought on “Letting Go In All of the Right Ways.

  1. Barbara Macavoy Wood says:

    I can totally identify with this. I am terrible at letting go and I tend to ruminate. Sometimes just writing something down can help you see how you really feel. If I never write about my feelings, it’s hard for me to understand them and to know what I really want in life. I too suffered a recent break-up, and I’ve had enough time to realize that it was the best thing. And even if it wasn’t, I am finally ready to move on. Stay strong.


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