take these broken wings and learn to fly.

i can hear my younger brother playing ‘blackbird’ by the beatles downstairs. in the next room my parents are watching ‘celebrity apprentice’ and agonizing over the fact that, somehow, they lost the coffee maker. i’m wearing my favorite pajamas; a massive harry potter tee shirt, and a comfy pair of pajama pants. my fingertips are buzzing, they’ve got a poem waiting inside of them.the sky is still inky blue, and if it weren’t for the snow, i’d almost think it early summer.

my stomach’s a little too full, but that’s okay.

i havent finished my essay (or really even started), but that’s okay too.

because the kettle’s almost boiled for tea, and spring is finally here. in about a month i’ll be getting on a plane to england, and before i set off to see family and tour schools, i’ll be competing in a poetry slam at my favorite bar. for once in my life, i am confident in myself and my words and my performance, and i feel really, really good about it. maybe i’m not the best, but that’s okay.

and in less than three months i’m leaving to quebec city to study at laval university for the summer (on bursary!). i’m going to miss Wordsworth, and the Folk Festival, but it’s SUCH a fantastic opportunity. I’ll have loads of freedom, and i think i’ll learn so much about life and myself.

and once the summer is over, i’ll probably be off to england again. two years of college for my a-levels, a gap year, and then university.

life is alright, isnt it?

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