I awoke to the lonely sound of Iron and Wine drifting out of discarded headphones. To hoar frost and fog. To still air and the ache that’s followed me around for the last few months. Still, somehow, I felt infinite, soaking up the possibility of the day.

So many things are happening at once, and I’m terrified and excited at once. There are so many people that I miss, and I love these people endlessly. I am suspended between nostalgia and possibility. It is invigorating and incarcerating.

I have so much love to expel, yet find myself shying from friendly touch. I’m working on the self- love thing but it can be so hard. Doubt plagues my thoughts and windows are just mirrors.

I’m reading things from when we first met. Blogs, poems, journal entries. Nothing really makes sense in that aspect, and i think it’s time to let go.

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