This morning while I enjoy my cup of green tea, I am contemplating what inspires me. I am also contemplating my morning routine and how I could make it more productive and better for both myself and the bigger picture.

It’s a lazy Sunday, and I’m due to go to work in half an hour.  Before getting out of bed, I ran over outrageously improbable scenarios in my head- these first waking moments are often where I pull ideas for stories, poems, and even novels. How do I generate these ideas when I wake up to the blaring sound of my alarm clock, only to run screaming towards the day like a mad man? I think the only real answer here is to wake up earlier to jump out of bed with the same exuberance that I employ in my writing and begin to let those improbabilities manifest to paper.

What else inspires me? Books, which I really do not read enough of. I used to be that kid walking into stop signs, afraid to put down her book in case the words might fall out of the pages. I used to spend entire days in the summer, sitting under a tree or lying in a hammock, devouring secret worlds and plot lines, dreaming of the day in which I, too created worlds in which people might lose themselves. Lately, however, its been hard for me to finish a short story, let alone a novel.  That is exactly why it is my goal to finish a minimum of one book a week, from now until Christmas. It doesn’t have to be long, but I can’t have read it before (unless it’s Harry Potter, seeing as November is DH month).

People inspire me. No matter who you are, whether we passed on the street, or had a bad breakup and can’t stand the sight of each other, you inspire me in some way. Teachers are a HUGE part of my life, as I’ve had so many life – changing ones.  People watching is my favorite sport!

Music. Lately The Smiths, Patti Smith, The Clash, Joy Division, Bon Iver, Bright Eyes, The Airborne Toxic Even, Norah Jones and so many more have inspired me.

Photographs & Models. I know it sounds terribly shallow, and rather contradictory, but I love the idea of modelling. A sort of untouchable world that one can only find themselves in by utmost luck. I guess models remind me of faeries, and belief in faeries is pretty much the foundation for my existence. And photography in general is just amazing. To capture a moment of film is mind boggling.

Blogs! Some of my favorites:,,

Time to finish my CD review for Youthink now.

~Erin xx

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