Life is short, we all know that. If there’s one thing I’ve learned in sixteen years, is that wasting an entire day REALLY sucks. That feeling, as you lie in bed contemplating all the things you should have and cou;d have done, is terrible. On the other hand, unwinding from a productive day, taking a moment to contemplate your newfound experiences, the laughter that followed after you, and the things you created is simply beautiful. In creating this blog, I am making a pact with myself to stop wasting time pacing the kitchen debating a bowl of ice cream, stop social networking until my contacts harden against my eyes, and stop compulsively checking my phone for texts, emails, Facebook updates, and missed calls.

Creativity is the only way of life I know, and I can’t see myself living any other way. Becoming successful in my creative pursuits is something I relish in. I recently had artwork and poetry published in Grip magazine, and am in the planning stages of both a documentary with my significant other, and recording a demo CD. Unfortunately, this year, I will not be participating in NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month), but I am committed to writing relentlessly every single day.

For the past few years I have studied French along with my regular school subjects, and I have noticed my French skills take a turn for the amateur. Donc, je vais les corriguer. (So I will correct them). Also, I am looking to improve my grades in school, especially since September is now over and it’s going to take some real motivation to keep working hard.

Creativity aren’t the only areas of my life I am seeking to improve; I have a tendency to binge eat (definitely not healthy), so I’m working to drop that habit ENTIRELY. Fitness is a well neglected area of my life as well- time to get back on the yoga bandwagon and get out my hip skirt and belly dance every day. It wouldn’t hurt to stop judging people and stand up for the things I believe in a little more, either. And staying in touch with the people I love is definitely a focus of mine as well.

In short, I’d like to become a more balanced, productive, and all around better person. Everybody wants to be somebody, everybody wants to change the world. Right?

Every morning I would like to wake up, enjoy a cup of tea and contemplate life. I would like to journal and read a chapter of a book and maybe a few news articles. I would like to leave my phone in my locker during all of my classes so that I can be present in all of them, without feeling the need to update my twitter account every five seconds. I would like to accomplish everything I would like to in a day’s time, while still getting eight hours of beautiful sleep. I would like to go a day without judging someone.

It’s a long shot, but I have faith (in my self, that is).

~Erin xx

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